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      Hi, i have looked and searched for option to have custom previews for HDRIs within the PM, but cannot find something fitting, so i check if somebody figured out a good way.

      I know you can see the HDRI maps in Textures, but that is not most helpful as you dont see the lighting result. Also many of the HDRIs from various sources have completely different exposures, so many of them are “burned” with the standard preview.
      I thought i almost figured out a way but then i realized its not possible.
      I made a Material library, with vray material having the HDRI plugged in. Then this was applied to a MatDummy object, so when i drag the material it will give me the specific map. I dont mind that it doesnt create automatically the Dome light, more helpful to me is to get the HDRI map, from the helpful preview.
      Issue obviously is that the HDRI slot where you need to plug the map is not auto replacing the HDRI maps, as its not setup like that, hence all this fails.

      Some ideas maybe how to find a workaround ?

      Thanks a lot preview scene

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