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      We are excited to unveil the new version of the Fusion plugin for 3ds Max – a plugin for parametric modeling of repetitive geometries of varying complexity.
      The latest update introduces a suite of enhancements and features that cater directly to the needs and feedback of our professional community.
      Here’s what you can expect from the latest release:

      UVW mapping:
      The new version adds the ability to fine-tune UVW mapping.
      Now you can add or modify the settings of an existing UVW mapping.
      Real-World size mapping is also supported.

      In Fusion mode, object edges are always clipped, leading to a less than ideal visual outcome. Recognizing the importance of this feature based on user feedback, we’ve introduced the ability to close these edges using the capping option. This enhancement addresses the needs of many users who expressed interest in adding capping to the edges of objects in Fusion mode, ensuring a more polished and professional finish to your 3D models.

      Fusion Capping
      Fusion Capping

      Viewport Display Improvements:
      We’ve resolved display issues in the viewport using Fusion mode, and fixed issues with ‘offset begin’ and ‘offset end’ parameters, providing a smoother and more intuitive design experience.

      New Features for FusionView Product

      • Adds the capability to overwrite UVW mapping with supporting Real-World map size
      • Capping start/end feature for Fusion mode (compatible with 3D Max 2021 and later)
      • Addresses display issues in the viewport when using Fusion mode
      • Corrects the handling of the 'offset begin' and 'offset end' parameters

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