Whats new in GrowFX 1.9.9

  • Added full compatibility with 3ds Max 2016 (64-bit);
  • Added the Cache mode. Now you can bake the growth or wind animation of your model, and then use the cache files in other projects. The recording process is multithreaded, so it works more faster for a whole animation than usual tree building when rendering;
  • Added the Bake Direction feature for the Object Reaction modifier. This allows you to bind the vines (for example) to the animated reaction object;
  • Added a new parameters Chaos pos %, Angle Bend and Length % for the Path Position Distributor;
  • Added the ability to convert the Path Distributor into the Path Position Distributor;
  • Added a new option Shift Start Point for the Noise direction modifier;
  • Added a new option Scale proportionally for the Leaves mesh;
  • Added a new option By Width Graph Points for the Leaves mesh;
  • Improved the Stop stitching feature for the Meta mesh, also added a new option Stop stitching for children;
  • Many bugs are fixed.

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