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InsertShape plugin – is like native ShapeMerge but on steroids!
It's much more correct and functional because of clever algorithms.
Using InsertShape you will get clean and predictable results.


This modifier allows you to create a sweep between selected edges
using custom shape for profile.
Also you can create a blend between two selected edges
using automatic blend profile or shape.

This plugin allows to create
chamfer (simple and advanced) selected edges and extrude new polygons
after chamfer.


This plugin allows to create clone of object with any transfrom parameters

This modifier allows to create outline of selected spline shape and remove intersections

4.00 out of 5

This plugin allows to modify spline/shape objects.
Useful for optimize and refine shapes.
Also it supports to create a dash from any spline.

This modifier allows to set boolean operation on spline/shape objects


This plugin allows to modify object
by selected edges like spline transformation