All minor updates are free.
Upgrading to a new (major update) version:

  • The upgrading cost for user of single license will be up to 40% from full cost.
  • For user of multiple licenses (or multiple KSTUDIO products) the cost will be up to 25% from full cost.

If you bought a tool less than year before the release of the new version, you can update to new version for free.

What is a minor and major version?
major.minor[.build[.revision]] For example: Project Manager v.1.02.03
1 – this is a major version.
02 – this is a minor version.
03 – this is a build version.

How often come out are new versions?
As a rule the new (major) versions come out no frequently than once in 2-3 years.
Of course In case if customers do not upgrade to the next version, they can continue use previous version and receiving updates of license keys for used version.

This applies to Kstudio products

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